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last updated: 20 Jul 2020

UP Recorder


The UP Recorder project aims to:
- observe Unidentified astronomical Phenomena by monitoring the sky
- with the aid of mobile phones (as the first step) and
- create an interconnected array of observers who can corroborate their recordings.


We want to create a mobile application that can:
- identify known objects in the sky (night and day). This pretty much exists - there are mobile apps that identify planes, stars, satellites etc
- identify then the remaining (unknown) objects in the sky - strange trajectory, luminosity, etc
- only register / show those.
- the application saves all the movies into an online database with free access

What we hope to find

Astronomical activity
We hope to catch on film all kind of interesting and hopefully unknown astronomical events like falling stars, light bursts etc.

UFO activity.
Maybe there are UFOs flying around and we can capture them on film if we have enough "eyes on the sky".

Corroborate and confirm data.
We believe that by monitoring the night sky from different angles, we can corroborate and validate weird findings. This would be amazing as the main problem with odd sky appearances, is the impossibility to cross-reference them from multiple sources.

Infrared activity.
We also believe that we could find interesting things by monitoring the sky in other light spectres like infrared.

High-speed activity.
We believe that we could find interesting things by monitoring the sky with high speed cameras.


Wouldn't it be amazing to be able to leave your phone on, filming the night sky and then find in the morning recorded only unknown sky phenomena? (connected to a charger obviously).
Maybe you will catch something interesting - a weird moving dot in the sky with strange trajectory or strange changing lights? Or a burst of light?
Do you have doubts about what you caught on camera? You can check on the nearest fellow user what he has filmed at the same hour.
If indeed you caught something weird, it will be hard to be ignored by the press because it appears on multiple cameras from multiple angles and locations.

We pretty much have the technology available.
Applications that identify objects in the sky already exist. We just need to take the known objects and remove them from the picture - thus leaving us only with unknown entries - if any. The recording must be triggered by unidentified objects only.
In the next stages, we could have infrared cameras, highs speed cameras, or even high zoom cameras focusing on unknown phenomena.

This application could be very fun. We might discover new things. Obviously, we might not discover anything new - which will still be a very useful finding.
But at this point, humanity should definitely have their phones turned on and pointing to the sky in the night. We have to do this, we have to know because now, we have the tools. We no longer have to wonder what is that light, maybe it is a satellite or a plane.

Project phases

Get feedback!

Identify new directions and opportunities for the project and application.
Build a friends base.
Get support for the project.

Create a website
Mobile application

- issue specifications
- get quotas from companies
- make a business plan according to the budget needed

UP Recorder specifications - Mobile app

Identify all known visible objects in the sky

- man made objects (planes, satellites etc)
- stellar bodies (stars, planets, comets etc)

Remove from the image known objects

This could be done either by deleting (in each frame) the known objects from the existing background (this could be hardware expensive)
Or, we could build a black image with the unknown phenomena only - frame by frame.
Or other ideas from specialists could be implemented.

Trigger recording when there is something unknown in the image

Here we will have a movement detection software with adjustable settings like sensitivity etc.

Film identification number

On all user films, we need an identification number which can be used to go on the website and get details about the location, about the user, date etc. And obviously here you will find the film

Upload to a server as we record

When recording starts, the film should also be streamed to a server.
YouTube or other similar platforms could be used.
Application should identify if filming quality is affected by the upload process and if so, the upload should be postponed until later when there is nothing to be filmed.

Mobiles could be connected to high resolution camera

However this process could stretch the mobile device capabilities - if the frames are too large, the parsing of the frames could get difficult.

Desktop version

For committed users, there should be a desktop version of the application, where users connect various high resolution cameras and a powerful machine handles high resolution frames.


Interactive map with all devices curently monitoring the sky

We need to be able to visualise all devices currently filming the sky.
We also need to be able to select certain locations.

Hot section

We need to give users the ability to mark their films as Hot - if something pops up, we need to alert the community and trigger additional investigations.
Also we might need a top by votes section where users vote what entries are more interesting.

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