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Aliens accelerating change

last updated: 20 Jul 2020

The Aliens evolution problem #


Assuming we have been visited by aliens since 200 000 years ago (or more?) and considering aliens will evolve very fast to being undetectable, how come we still see them?

Knowing that

- technology grows accelerated ⮟

The advancements in technology are accelerated - the more you have, the faster you evolve - progress is not linear.
Say we get to Artificial Intelligence or brain implants - there will be such an explosion in technology...

- technology goes toward minification and undetectability ⮟

Technological evolution goes towards minification, invisibility, remote scanning etc. So, the more advanced a civilization is, the less visible they will be to us.

What can be the interval from
- the moment when aliens have detectable flying spaceships which they can use to visit us (we see and record them)
- to the moment when they become invisible or they have other means to investigate us other than coming here?

I don't think this interval can be bigger than 200 years - intergalactic flight - to invisible spaceships.
The intergalactic flight might even be a bigger problem than invisibility.
So 200 years looks like a huge period (in the accelerated change stage), but after this period, we should not be able to detect alien spaceships anymore.
Why is this important?
It is important because it brings up the question:

Who keeps visiting us?

Because during our long recorded history - almost 200 000 years - we can see possible traces of aliens - but an alien species it is probably detectable for only 200 years or so!
For us to see alien spaceships during our entire human history,

- either there are more alien species and they came in waves during our history ⮟

The most probable scenario is that in Universe are more intelligent beings.
(Latest scientific study: There Are At Least 36 Intelligent Alien Civilizations In Our Galaxy)
Most likely, all aliens go through this stage when they reach a similar spaceship design (saucer or so)
and then they start exploring the Universe,
they find us,
they investigate us (we sometimes see them)
and they leave or evolve to being undetectable

So the possible multitude of alien encounters in our long history is because of multiple alien species going trough a similar evolutionary process.

- either they are not evolving (The slow evolution theory) ⮟

The slow evolution theory.

Aliens could have a slower progress than us in a few scenarios like:
- their species has a slower metabolism - something like the Sleeping Sloth.
Maybe their progress growing rate is way slower than our progress rate because of a slower brain metabolism?
This scenario, it is unlikely because technological advancements increase accelerated and advancements in AI, genetics, or computer to brain, could easily overcome such a slow progress rate. So even if they start slow and it takes them million years to evolve from steam engines to spaceships, by the time they reach spaceships, any alien civilisation should have a very accelerated technological growth rate.

- maybe aliens are not interested to evolve.
It is known that humans evolve because they are greedy and lazy.
However, maybe some aliens are not greedy and lazy - like ants for example. Or maybe they reached a social equilibrium - like the San People of Africa.
The San People of Africa are the World's Oldest People and they are hunter-gatherers.
They don't have leaders or ranks, they have plenty of food, no one is richer than anyone else, people are happy, peaceful and secure - they have created an ideal society.
They have created a society where they don't need to evolve.
This alien scenario is also unlikely because any greedy culture will conquer this peaceful culture. The San People resisted on Earth because they live in the desert so basically nobody wanted to conquer them so they are in a very uncommon situation.
It is very difficult to assume that an entire planet of aliens will be able to escape the greedy individuals who are seeking power, driving the society towards progress and violence.
And even if this scenario can be considered, this culture could not produce such an advanced progress as to reach spaceships. If they reached spaceships, then they must have a progress oriented culture - so the hypothesis of a culture which does not evolve, it is contradicted.

- either, they just arrived here for the first time? (or never arrived?)
- either some aliens discovered time and space travel and they are coming to our dimension in multiple times - form a single time. (very exotic theory - highly improbable)
- the simulation theory (we live in a simulation) could be made more interesting (mysterious) if we keep seeing alien ships during our evolution. (very exotic theory - highly improbable)
- Maybe the aliens live on a planet where time passes slower! So even if they are in a very accelerated rate of progress, their time actually passes slower than our time.
The reverse is equally possible - we live on a planet (or section of the Universe) where time passes faster!


If we have been visited by aliens since long ago, the most probable scenario is the one where we are visited by multiple alien species because of the progress accelerating principle.
This scenario is the closest to our current scientific understanding of the Universe.
- Theoretically, an alien civilization has a very small window of time to interact with us - from the time they discover us to the moment they can investigate us in a non-detectable way.
- This means that the aliens we possibly see today, are most likely not the aliens that possibly created us, nor the aliens that influenced our religions nor the aliens depicted in various paintings or other forms of art during our history.
- Theoretically, we should perceive our (possible) contact with aliens as multiple interactions with different alien species, where each detectable contact cannot span more than 200 years (or so).

We have a culture of aliens existing, we have a culture of aliens visiting us from the oldest of times.
I think we also need to have a culture of aliens evolving to becoming undetectable very fast and therefore, we need to see our alien contacts as contacts with different alien species.

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